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This information is provided for parents and professionals looking for resources and programming that support and promote inclusion of all children within a child care setting.

Adapting Materials and Equipment
This document provides strategies to assist in the adaption of materials to support different learning approaches.

Inclusion: Policy Development and Guidelines for Early Learning and Care Programs (City of Toronto)
This guide provides an overview of how to develop and imbed inclusion within the policies of your child care program.  It outlines the benefits of inclusive child care from both a practical and an ethical point of view.

Learning Styles
This resource provides an overview of different learning styles and strategies to provide learning opportunities that support each of the styles.

SpeciaLink: The National Centre for Child Care Inclusion
SpeciaLink's goal is to expand the quality and quantity of opportunities for inclusion in child care, recreation, education, and other community settings, to young children with special needs and their families through offering a helpline, clearinghouse and virtual resource and research centre.