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Coordinated Service Planning (CSP) provides assistance to children and youth up to 18 (or 21 if still in school) and their families where there are multiple and/or complex needs.  This program offers a single point of contact and a service plan that is responsive to child/youth and family’s goals, strengths, and needs.

A dedicated Service Planning Coordinator will work with the family to: 

  • connect you with the services your child needs and act as a clear point of contact
  • develop with the family a Coordinated Service Plan that identifies, goals, priorities, services involved and next steps.
  • monitor your child’s needs and progress using a single Coordinated Service Plan
  • supports the team to work towards a common set of common goals identified on the plan 

 Services are family centred and wrap around the family with a written plan that looks at the ‘whole’ child and family.